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  • Cyclotourisme à Séville
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    Cyclotourisme à Séville

    Seville is the perfect city for cycling, as it is located on a plain and has an extensive bike path. We make it easy with the offer we've created, Sevilla by Bike, which includes two nights' accommodation for two in our apartments in the city center and two bicycles for 24 hours to enjoy from the first moment.

    Meet Sevilla from another perspective and faster! Stay in the center of the city and takes about minute bike ride to most monuments.

    Sevilla was considered in 2013 the fourth best city in the world for cycling behind Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Utrecht and has more than 200 kilometers and more than 68,000 daily trips.

    And if you are more adventurous and dare you tour the province of Sevilla by bike, in this guide you have 17 stages throughout the province throughout the main tourist regions: Guadalquivir Doñana, Alcor, Via silver, the Sierra Norte, the countryside and the southern Sierra.

    Do not miss this opportunity to do cycle tourism for Sevilla at the best price! Knows all the details of the offer and if you want to hire, contact via telephone +34 954 90 02 00 or by the email reservas@patiodelacartuja.com.


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